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Box / Box for Complaints

1930, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 3 parts / 1,000 m

 Ye. Cherniavskyi, Khanan Shmain
 Davyd Ksendzovskyi, P. Radzikhovskyi
 Serhii Khudiakov
 Ivan Tverdokhlib (Kliuchka, an accountant assistant), Yevhen Kokhanenko (a bookkeeper), Ivan Malikov-Elvorti (a record keeper), V. Rouzberg (a typist), Zoia Kurdiumova, H. Rostov, Anton Klymenko (couriers) 

It is a comedy about the efforts to improve the efficiency of the machinery of government.

One of the Soviet public institutions finds out about an upcoming personnel audit. The news create a suspicious environment among the officials. Everyone is trying to find some compromising materials against each other. Based on a complaint, the commission fires the record keeper Ostatochnyi, who used to have served in the White Army. The same thing happens to Stelia, a former starosta, and the accountant assistant Kliuchka due to “the lack of the working-class background”…

The work on the film started on 28 December 1929 and finished on 15 March 1930.

The film is lost