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Boy from the Camp

Boy from the Camp

1930, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 6-7 parts / 1,903-1,997 m

 Oleksandr (Aron) Shteiner-Shtryzhak
 Borys Sharanskyi
 Yakiv Kulish
Serhii Khudiakov
 B. Shchepanovskyi (Stopka, a boy from the camp), Serhii Karpenko [Mykola Nademskyi] (Pavlo, his father), V. Piddubnyi (Vakula, a Roma man, owner of the bear), Anton Klymenko (Petrovych, a community leader), Vasyl Liudvynskyi (Sashko) 

The first years of the Soviet regime. A young Roma boy Stopka and his father Pavlo travel in the countryside with a trained bear. Vakula, the owner of the animal, threatens to take away the bear and, thus, makes Pavlo steal horses put up for sale at the fair. However, Pavlo cannot steal the horses, as village men catch and beat him to death.

Stopka becomes an orphan and a vagabond; he steals bread, then gets caught and heavily beaten… He could have been killed if not for the person who protects him from the punishment of the angry crowd and then finds a place for him in the community for homeless people…

The film is lost