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You’re not a Thief Till You’re Caught

You’re not a Thief Till You’re Caught

Candidate for Presidency

1924, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 6 parts / 1,615 m

 Valentin Turkin
 Vladimir Egorov
Ivan Khudolieiev (Nicolo Ornano, a banker), Zoia Barantsevych (Noris, his wife), Oleg Frelikh (Cascarilla, a candidate for presidency), B. Chuievskyi (earl Guido), Nikolay Panov (Tapioca, a criminal), Leo Negri (a prefect of police), Karl Tomskyi (an officer), Borys Shlikhting (a police officer), Tom (?) Yavorskyi, Hryhorov, Rudakov (journalists)

The film is based on U. Notari novella Three Thieves.

The wife of the banker Ornano gives the key of her house to her lover, earl Guido. The card sharp Cascarilla uses this situation for his benefit stealing three million in cash and the banker’s wife. To return at least a part of the stolen money (maybe, the first one), the banker helps the criminal to be elected to the Parliament.

The film is stored at the Russian Gosfilmofond.

The film was released on 01 January 1924 in Kyiv and on 30 July 1924 in Moscow.