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Final Rehearsal

A Day / 1905

1930, Kyiv Film Studio VUFKU, 6 parts / 1,800 m, 53 min.

 Myron Bilynskyi, Pavlo Kolomoitsev
 M. Oliinichenko
 Ivan Shekker, Mykhailo Kariukov Карюков
 Volodymyr Kaplunovskyi

Haivoronskyi (a sailor), Ivan Franko (an old soldier), Ivan Malikov-Elvorti (an agent provocateur), Borys Ferdynandov (a Bolshevik), Volodymyr Voishvyllo (a Bolshevik worker), S. Smyrnova (a girl), P. Petryk (a student), Arsenii Kuts (Nicholas II), Mykola Nademskyi (a Menshevik), A. Kutyrkin, Ivan Marks, V. Rakovskyi, I. Syzov

The film depicts and reconstructs the events of the Revolution of 1905: the struggle against tsarism, episodes of the Russo-Japanese War, demonstrations of the Black Hundreds, Jewish porgorms, crackdowns on the intelligentsia. 

An ironic image of Leon Trotsky is embodied by the talented actor Mykola Nademskyi who just like his character soon fell into disgrace and was repressed in 1937.

The film was shot in Kyiv, Odesa, Horlivka and Leningrad as a reply to Battleship Potemkin for the 25th anniversary of “the great rehearsal of the October Revolution.” 

The avant-garde film language is almost entirely based on close-ups and sudden changes of angles which serve as a metaphor of power. If representatives and supporters of “Tsarist autocracy” find themselves in the top position at the beginning of the film, from the second half of the film, when the uprising gains momentum, angles change dramatically. 

The film director Myron Bilynskyi and cameraman Ivan Shekker are the young generation of filmmakers who were the last to join the avant-garde tradition just before the switch of the art to socialism. Later, the cameraman Ivan Shekker will work with the director of benchmark films of the Stalin era Leonid Lukov and one of the founders of the school of Ukrainian poetic cinema Sergei Parajanov.

The film is stored at the Russian Gosfilmofond. 

The film was released on 25 September 1931 in Kyiv and on 07 November 1931 in Moscow.