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Children / Lost Jim

1928, Second Film Studio VUFKU (Yalta), 7 parts / 2,148 m, 70 min

 Oleksandr Soloviov
 Vladimir Mayakovsky
 Albert Kuhn
 Volodymyr Balliuzek, Konstantin Yevsieiev, Константін Євсєєв

H. Marynchak (Zaboichenko, a worker), B. Honcharov (Zhuravkov), Zoia Barantsevych (his wife), Yurko Krestynskyi (Zhorzhyk, their son), Varvara Masliuchenko (his governess), Tolia Lukashevych (Senka Sumatokha, a street boy), Shura Bydnikov (Myshko, a pioneer), Sofiia Yakovlieva (his mother), Nikolai Panov (Baron, a bandit), H. Rostov (Black Hand, a bandit)

The plot is based on the short story The Ransom of Red Chief by the American writer, O. Henry.

Three boys meet by chance. Myshko, a pioneer, walks down the street with a pioneer detachment, the street kid Semen follows them respectfully, and a nobleman’s son Zhorzhyk is watching it through the window.

The boys meet again in the Crimea, where Myshko comes with pioneers, the rich boy travels with his governess in the first-class car, and Semen goes between the cars. Semen is kidnapped by some bandits who mistook him for Zhorzhyk and hoped to get a ransom. Meanwhile, Zhorzhyk runs away from his governess and joins the pioneer detachment. Soon Semen finds his way there as well.

The film is stored at the Cinema Fund of the National Oleksandr Dovzhenko Centre.

The film was released on 06 April 1928 in Kyiv and on 28 August 1928 in Moscow.