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Darkness / Dusk / Priests of the Darkness

1928, VUFKU's First Film Studio (Odesa), 6 parts / 1,506 m

 Pavlo Dolynа
 І. Strelchuk 
Yosyp Hudyma
 Vasyl Krychevskyi
 Serhii Kharlamov (grandfather Hysiar, a village witch doctor), Zynaida Kordiumova (Teklia, his worker), A. Kharytonov (Sydir, a shopkeeper), O. Harnyk (Petro, his son, a thief and hooligan), P. Osadchii (Oleksii, a young cooperator), Anastasiia Kozhevnikova (Oksana, a young rural girl), Varvara Kryvoruchko (Maryna, a medical assistant), Viktor Komar (a secretary of the village council), Yefymenko (Mykola, a hooligan), Bilmach (Andrii, his friend), Mykola Nademskyi (Ivan, a poor man), Anton Klymenko (a head of the village council), Volyntsev (a physician), Ya. Reinich (a new mother), Hryhorii Viunyk (a rural man with a broken leg), K. Saksahanska (a rural woman in the shop), T. Kochkina (an old woman visiting Hysiar

The film is about the struggle against political and cultural backwardness in the depths of Ukraine in the middle of the 1920s.

The witch doctor Hysiar is the most popular person in the small village of Haniievka.  Hysiar stuffs money in his pockets at the expense of credulous and backward fellow villagers, but he only cripples them with his healing while remaining unpunished. Because of this, he has an intractable conflict with the medical assistant Maryna, who came to the village from the city. To get rid of the unwanted competitor, Hysiar uses Maryna’s sister to steal her fiancé’s keys from the cooperative and puts the stolen goods into the flat where the girl lives. Desperate Maryna commits a suicide. The investigation commission from the city solves Hysiar’s crime. The witch doctor is given a show trial.