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Robinson for Himself

Soviet Robinson

1929, Kyiv Film Studio VUFKU, 7 parts / 1,719 m, 63 min

Lazar Frenkel
 Valentyn Deviatkin, Lazar Frenkel
Heorhii Vovchenko
 Solomon Zarytskyi
 Boria Bohdanovskyi (Robinson), Olena Kryvynska (a girl), Kolia Kopelian (a sceptic boy), Voronov (an Indian), Kondratiev (an adult Indian)

Are there children who do not dream of some distant travels?…  No, they are not. And so Vasia, the film protagonist, goes on a journey, gets tired on his way and falls asleep in the open air. He sees a dream where he is a great traveller and performs a number of feats… But, unfortunately, the world is not perfect: pioneers-tourists find Vasia by chance and return him home. Vasia’s “travels and feats” come to an end.