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Night Coachman

1927, First Film Studio VUFKU (Odesa), 6 parts / 2,053 m, 54 min

 Moisei (Mykhailo) Zats
 Albert Kuhn
 Heinrich Beisenherz, Yosyp Shpinel
 Amvrosii Buchma (Hordii Yaroshchuk, a night coachman), Mariia Diusimetier (Katia, his daughter), Karl Tomskyi (Borys, an undergrounder, Katia’s boyfriend), Yurii Shumskyi (a White counterintelligence officer (Borys Shlikhting started this role)), Borys Shelestov (a White officer)

The tragedy of a “little man” who wants to remain unbiased related to the revolutionary events but is involuntarily drawn into a tragic situation and is forced to do a decisive deed impressed both the Ukrainian and European audience. 

Heorhii Tasin’s Night Coachman is the first Ukrainian film having a true personality instead of cardboard and abstract “pre-revolutionary” characters.

Amvrosii Buchma, one of the best Ukrainian actors of the first half of the 20th century, played a night coachman from Odesa, who lost his daughter because of his recklessness. This film was nearly the first in Ukrainian cinema to successfully represent a dramatic character and marked the turn of Ukrainian cinema towards psychologism.